Add pink insulation and bring your tax credit home and claim up to $500.

2011 Federal Tax Credit

There is a new 2011 Federal Tax Credit available, and Owens Corning wants to make sure you have the facts. You can use this tax credit as a money-saving pitch with your customers. The Local Marketing team is happy to help you incorporate the 2011 tax credit message into your marketing materials throughout the year, as homeowners who insulate before December 31, 2011, may be able to claim up to $500 in federal tax credits. Don't miss out on the selling incentive opportunity!


The "Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act" (H.R. 4853) signed into law on December 17, 2010, extended the federal tax credit for certain residential energy products for one year at reduced levels from the 2009-2010 credit. Below is a summary of the new credit.

Qualifying Products

The credit covers Energy Star windows, exterior doors and skylights, and certain insulation, HVAC, metal and asphalt roofing products, biomass stoves and water heaters. will have a complete list of qualifying products posted in the near future. For a list of Owens Corning™ products, click here.

Credit Amount

Homeowners can claim a credit of 10% up to $500 of the purchase price of qualifying products. Certain products are capped at lower levels, including:

  • Windows and skylights, $200 cap
  • Advanced main air circulating fan, $50 cap
  • Qualified natural gas, propane or oil furnace or hot water boiler, $150 cap
  • Any item of energy-efficient building property (HVAC, water heaters, biomass stove), $300 cap
  • Installation costs are not included for windows, doors, skylights, insulation or roofing